Simple deployment process in middle-size project, #2: team city

Ten wpis to część 2 z 3 serii ATM Deployment

The previous article depicted general rules that we adhere to in our ATM project. This time I’d like to show how TeamCity server fits into our processes and how I configured it. Our experience with this setups shows that this is the probably simplest configuration that makes us feel comfortable and prepared for unexpected changes. It’s very flexible and subsequent requests from team leader and other users can be addressed in short time, without too much pain 🙂 Feel free to comment what you’d do better – as I stated in the beginning, I’m not DevOps master and happily embrace each piece of advice you could provide me with…

I’ve thought that probably best way I can assure the description of the configuration will be accurate and understandable is the gallery of screenshots with descriptions to each one. I hope this idea will work fine. If you think that different layout of the pictures would be more suitable for this article, also let me know in the comments.


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